September 21, 2015

Welcome Back!

Welcome to a new school year! I hope everyone enjoyed a well-deserved summer break. We will continue to post relevant topics for the current SAT through January 2016. After that time, we will transition to information for the new SAT, which will be administered for the first time in March 2016.


This month, I want to address a potpourri of writing topics with the help of our good friends at Grammar Girl. This site provides grammar and writing tips in an accessible and humorous way. Yes, learning grammar can be fun and painless!


Dangling Participles 

Does the following sentence make you laugh? It should!

Orbiting between Neptune and Pluto, astronomers discovered a new group of celestial objects.

What is a participle, how can it dangle, and how can you avoid this construction? Take a look here to discover the answer to these questions.


Who Versus Whom

Who wants pizza? Whom wants pizza? Which one is it?   Just give me some pizza!

Take a short quiz here to determine your knowledge of who versus whom and when to use each.


Sentence Fragments

My high school offers many opportunities for students to be involved on campus. Such as student government, athletics, and clubs.

A sentence fragment is a dependent clause or phrase pretending to be a complete sentence. Can you spot the sentence fragment above?

Read more about sentence fragments and how to avoid them here.


How to Use Commas

Yesterday, my local bakery, sold, the most, scrumptious pastries and cupcakes.

There are too many commas in the above sentence and not enough pastries and cupcakes!

Find out when to use commas here.

Grammar Girl Website:


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