Soon it will be time to take a well-deserved break from the academic rigors of the school year.  Be careful, though, to not let your critical reading and writing skills stagnate.  One of the best ways to prepare for the Critical Reading and Writing sections on the SAT is to read challenging works in a diversity of genres.  Your vocabulary will increase, and the more exposure you have to good writing, the better reader and writer you’ll become.  Devote some time every day during your summer break to reading SAT-worthy books.  I also hope this encourages you to make daily reading a lifelong routine.

Check out some of these reading recommendations to help you get started:

  • Participate in a summer reading program at your local public library. For those of you in Pima County, check out the Pima County Public Library’s Summer Reading 2015 program. The library offers programs for kids, teens, and adults, so encourage the whole family to get involved!
  • Review the American Library Association’s (ALA) lists of recommended reading. The ALA’s lists include literature award winners and various notable reading lists for all ages, sorted by age group.
  • If you live in Pima County, take part in the Mayor’s Reading Challenge, and you could win a Kindle E-reader or a $75 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble! To enter the prize drawing, you must read five books over the summer and write a brief summary of each.
  • Start a book club with your friends and family. As a group, select a book for each of the summer months to read, and then set a date each month to come together and discuss the book. Review the books’ websites to see if they have recommended questions and topics of discussion for book clubs.
  • Host movie nights for your friends and family where the movie is based on a book that all of you have read. Use this list from the Plymouth District Library to help you get started.

Most importantly, have some fun while you’re exploring some new reads!

*This is our last blog post for the 2014 – 2015 school year.  New posts will resume in August, as many of you are returning to school.  Starting in August, we will begin to explore the revised SAT, to be administered for the first time in March 2016.


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