Students are now spending more and more time on the Internet, and their studying trends have evolved to capture this change. I would like to share with you, then, some of the great online materials available to help you prepare for the SAT Mathematics section.

Khan Academy

I believe this is the best starting point; Khan Academy is a free educational platform seeking to provide a world-class education to anyone, anywhere. What about the SAT? The College Board (the organization that administers the SAT) recently partnered with the Khan Academy to provide a free SAT test prep course that is fully accessible online. The site not only contains instructional videos but also questions from the real SAT, which should help you boost your test-taking confidence.  

The College Board

This is the next best option for students seeking some more structured online guidance. The College Board has put together materials that guide students through both the SAT and college search experiences, starting from when you schedule to take the test to college application tips.

I would encourage you to explore the following features on the site:

  1. The Official SAT Question of the Day. Nothing beats working on a challenging question every day to help you with your exam prep.
  2. The sample SAT exam. Taking a sample test is a great way to assess your strengths and areas in need of improvement.

Additional Websites (Freemium Sites)

Freemium sites provide some content for free, but you will need to pay a fee to access all of the materials on the website. Here is a list of some of these websites that contain SAT test prep materials:


Have a fun time exploring SAT test prep materials on the Internet!


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