As the spring semester is rapidly coming to an end, the planning for summer and fall courses begins. The priority registration period is a crucial time for students, and preparation is essential. I have found that many students forget about choosing courses ahead of time in preparation for registration. They often wait until the last minute to meet with their advisor and feel panicked and desperate when their registration date arrives.

This poses many problems for students, as it can leave them scrambling to find classes they like. Trying to find classes at times that work with their schedule can often leave them feeling defeated. As I have mentioned in my previous blogs, the key to alleviating such frustrations is preparation. Preparation and planning are essential because course offerings vary each semester. Students can often feel trapped by pre-requisite courses that hinder them from enrolling in certain courses. This is a result of lack of planning and can sometimes result in additional semesters to finish a degree program.

My advice to students at any academic level would be to meet with their academic advisor BEFORE the priority registration period begins. The advisor can then assist the students in selecting their choices of appropriate course options for their degree program. This meeting should also include a conversation about possible summer courses and will usually require an additional discussion about the transferability of coursework.




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