It appears that spring is officially here and with that comes the realization that the semester is halfway done. YIKES!!!!  This also means we are all vulnerable to the ailment of “spring fever.” You can see it all over campus – the hypnotic look on students’ faces as the thought of sitting in a classroom brings an intense desire to flee to the nearest swimming pool or even better, Sabino Canyon.

Spring, however, is a pivotal point for most students. Students find themselves faced with many questions about their academic future.  Some students are getting ready to graduate and feel overwhelmed with the thought of going into the “real world.” Others may find themselves questioning the major they are in, and there are those that are desperate to find one.  I work with many students who find themselves unsatisfied by the major they chose because they found out it was not like they had anticipated.  This is extremely common, and most of the time you can see the disillusionment in students’ academic performance, as poor grades reflect their lack of interest. This is very stressful for students and parents alike.

As an advising specialist, a significant portion of my job is assisting students in the search for their major.  As I mentioned in my last blog, preparation is key for academic success, and it is also essential in choosing a major.  Choosing a major is a process that requires a lot of introspection and planning.  Pursuing a college education is an investment, and choosing the right path of study is critical in making that investment succeed.

The College of Letters, Arts and Science offers many tools and services that can assist students through this process. As an advisor with CLAS for 7 years, I have found that students are relieved to know it is alright to not know what they want to do and that there is a process that can help them decide. CLAS offers individualized appointments for major exploration that can really help a student to narrow down their interests. For those that are truly undecided, we offer a class called LASC197P – Major Exploration. It works.

So, while spring brings with it a sense of growth and change, it can be a great time to explore academic options or entertain alternative paths to professional goals. I will leave with you a list of resources that I feel can be very useful to the process.

Take care 🙂


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