February 25, 2014

Be Prepared!

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” -Alexander Graham Bell

As the spring semester is well under way and the glow of winter rest has been extinguished, the reality of the work you need to complete may seem overwhelming.  You do not have to feel this way, though.  The key to avoid feeling overwhelmed is to be prepared. I cannot tell you how many times I hear students say that they work well under pressure, and they often view procrastination as an asset or a secret weapon. Let’s be honest. It is not. For the most part, procrastination leaves students panicked, sleep-deprived and desperate. Procrastination is a recipe for academic disaster, and I think the only clear beneficiary of it is Starbucks.

College is a place where students have more personal freedom and academic responsibility than they may have had in the past. Students do not have their parents telling them when to get up, and they do not have teachers reminding them when to turn in their assignments. I find that when I work with students the most common sentiments I hear from them are what they “should have” or “could have” done.

In reality, students’ successes emerge from their personal choice, including the priorities they set. In my experience, this is the hardest lesson for college students to learn. Being prepared sounds simple, but it is something we tend to abandon in order to keep our lives moving at a fast pace. We are all guilty of saying, “I will do it later,” and we diminish the importance of a task to move on to the next big thing. Being prepared is essential for both academic and personal success.

The most successful students on this campus are those who utilize the resources available to them. The university offers many resources that students can readily utilize in order to reach their academic goals. It is important to remember that education is an investment in yourself and something no one can take away from you. So please remember to prepare. I promise you will not regret it.

Explore the following list of links to some of the available student resource centers at the University of Arizona:

The THINK TANK:  http://thinktank.arizona.edu/

Transfer Student Center:  http://transfer.arizona.edu/academic-advising

Campus Health Service:  https://www.health.arizona.edu/caps.htm

Disability Resource Center:  http://drc.arizona.edu/

The SALT Center:  http://www.salt.arizona.edu/


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