SAT Sentence Completion questions test your vocabulary and your ability to understand vocabulary in the context of complex sentences.  You will be required to supply missing vocabulary words, either one or two, to a sentence chosen from a list of five possible answers.  Having a broad vocabulary is key to doing well on this section!  Extensive reading is the best way to develop your vocabulary, so make sure that you are reading as much as you can in a diversity of genres.

Review the following test-taking strategies for SAT Sentence Completion questions:

  • Work on Sentence Completion questions first, then move on to the Passage-based Reading selections and questions.  Sentence Completion questions are less time consuming than Passage-based Reading selections and questions.
  • Questions appear in order of difficulty (easy to hard).
  • Consider related words, familiar sayings and phrases, roots, prefixes, and suffixes.
  • Introductory and transitional words are very important; they can be the key to figuring out the logic of a sentence.
  • Try to determine what word(s) should fill in the blank(s) before looking at the answer choices; then, look for a choice that is similar to the one(s) you thought of.
  • With two-blank questions, focus on one blank at a time and see if you can eliminate some answer choices based on just one of the blanks.
  • Use the process of elimination.
  • Check your answer choice by reading the entire sentence with the answer you have selected to ensure the sentence makes sense.
  • Review commonly used words on the SAT.  You can find a list of words here.

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